Operational Cost

The operational cost component is one of the simplest components in Brixx. It's used for modelling the running costs of your business. 

Use it for

  • Regular costs you pay like rent, phone bills, software subscriptions etc. 
  • One-off costs like putting an advert in a newspaper, paying for a one off licence etc.

Don't use it for

  • The cost of purchasing assets like vans, computers, buildings etc. Use the asset component for this.
  • Staff salaries. Use the employee component for your salaries.
  • Direct costs. Use the cost of sales or inventory component for costs directly related to and varying with your sales forecasts.



Enter this operational cost as an amount. To enter costs which vary over time, click the Enter in table button. 

Use the dropdown to choose whether you want to regularly pay this per month, per quarter or per year or if it's just a one-off cost.

If you want to vary the cost over time, press 'Show as table' to enter custom values into a grid.


Grouping Costs

Most businesses will have many different types and categories of costs they will regularly be paying to run the business. It's worth dividing up your costs into different Groups (and maybe different sections too, if you really do have a lot of costs). Do this because you can get totals of these different groups in your reports and charts allowing you to compare how much these different categories are costing you.