Brixx integrations
Through integrations with other software, you can get started with your Brixx plan faster and keep it up-to-date with actuals with less manual work.
What integrations do
They connect your Brixx plan with the software of your choice, and bring in data from that software into your plan. With this data, your Brixx plan is easier to set up, and if you already have actuals in your other software (for example if you're using Xero accounting software), they'll keep flowing directly into your plan. This allows more accurate forecasts and easy cash flow management.
Can I use different tools?
Yes! Your integration isn't tied to your account, but to a Brixx plan of your choice. This means you can connect every Brixx plan to a different tool.
Does Brixx modify my data?
No. The connection is one-way, meaning Brixx only reads and uses the data from the other software.
Available integrations
At the moment, Brixx integrates fully with Xero.