Version History & Restore

What is version history?

A chronological list of all changes made to the plan, and who did them. It's designed to help you keep track of what changes have happened and, if need be, restore back to an earlier version.


The version history list

To access the list, click the icon in the top right menu next to the share button.

  • Changes are grouped by day and you can expand or collapse each day to show or hide the entire set of changes for that day. 
  • The list opens the current day by default with all other days collapsed. 
  • The most recent change will be at the top of the list and as you go down the list you go further back into the history of the plan. 
  • Each change consists of a time stamp, an action and the email address of the person who made the change. 
  • The action is a simple description usually referring to the name of the item that was changed or the area (such as finance settings).
  • Please note that this feature was released on 31st July 2018 so plans created before this will not have full version history.

Viewing previous versions

You can click on any row to bring up two options, View or Restore.

View Mode

Clicking view will load this previous version of the plan. You'll now find yourself in a read-only environment where you are viewing this historical version of the plan. This is visually indicated by the orange outline around the screen as well as a box at the bottom indicating which version you are viewing. You can navigate to any part of the plan to inspect what the plan was like at this point but you can't make any changes.  

You can return to the most recent version of the plan and the history list by pressing the 'Version List' button in the top right of the screen.

Other users can still work on the current version of the plan whilst you view an earlier version. It will not affect what they see.


Restoring previous versions

You can restore from two places:

  • Using the Restore button on a row in the version history panel
  • Using the button in the top right of the menu when you are viewing a previous version.

When you restore to a previous version, your plan immediately updates to this version. It will also immediately update for any other users in the plan at the same time. It may interrupt what they are doing so make sure you communicate with them before you complete the action.

The historical version becomes the most recent version. Note that this does not 'unwind' all previous changes, you'll still see every change, restoring simply adds a new action to the top of the history list. This means restoring is completely non-destructive and safe. Every version of the plan is always saved. If you accidentally restore the wrong version, it's easy to go back a step.