Get started in 5 steps 

1. Create a plan with the business plan template

When you create a plan, start with a business template

This will allow you to choose a template in line with your business. If your business industry isn’t included, you can still select a standard business template.


Each template starts you off with a fully structured plan covering every part of a business. You can navigate this template by clicking on the sections down the left hand side. Each section covers an area of your business and already includes products, costs, assets and funding sources. 

2. Add something new to the template

The template is a starting point that can be fully customised.

You can copy, reorder, delete or rename anything in the template. You can also add more components, such as income components. This will represent your business in more detail.

Click the 'Add components' button to bring up a panel of components you can add.

3. Entering your forecasts
Click on any component to open the data for that particular activity.

This opens the forecast entry options for that particular component. 

Each component is colour coded and calculated in different ways. By default, most components let you enter a repeating number monthly. If you want to add varying numbers each month click the 'Table' button below this control.

4. Changing when an activity starts on the timeline

By default, all activities start at the creation of the plan. If something starts months or even years into the plan you can change this on the timeline.



5. Changing the structure of the template to suit your business

You may find you want to structure your plan in a way that is more useful to your business. You could make a plan that is ordered by region, entity or any category you like.