Sharing & collaboration
What is sharing?

Sharing is a way to give other people access to your plans. You can give view only access, or edit access.

It will allow them to see live updates to reports and charts when you make changes to your plan. If they are set as an editor, they will also be able to make live changes allowing you to build and update a plan together. 


How do I share?

  1. Open the plan that you wish to share
  2. Click the 'Share' button in the top right of the screen
  3. Click the + button on either the Organisation member or Guest box    
  4. Choose whether you wish the user to be a Viewer or Editor by toggling the top option
  5. Enter the email address of the person you wish to invite
  6. Press 'Send Invite'
Done! The person you have invited will appear below the invite box, showing that they have access. 

This will send an email to the person you invited with a direct link to the plan. The plan will also appear under your Organisation's name in their Organisation dropdown on the Plans page. 

If this person does not yet have a Brixx account, they will need to create one first. Once they have created their account they will see the plan that has been shared with them straight away when they log in.

Viewers & Editors


Viewers will only be able to see your reports and dashboard and it is not possible for them to make any changes to the plan, making this a safe environment to send to anyone who just needs to see your numbers.



Editors can do everything you can do in a plan including editing data, adding new items and inviting other people as Guests to view the plan. The only action they can't do is delete the plan. Only plan or Organisation owners can do that.

Make sure you only add editors that you trust, otherwise add them as a Viewer.

Organisation Members & Guests

The sharing panel allows you to add people on as Organisation members or Guests.

It is split into two boxes, the top box is for members and the bottom box is for guests:

Organisation members are your organisation's team - Brixx users who share the benefits of your licence.
Members :
  • Appear in the sharing panel for all your plans whether they have access or not - this allows you to quickly add or remove access
  • Members can invite other guests to any plan they have access to
  • Members can see the sharing panel and who else has access to the organisation
  • Members can be given access to all plans at once when first invited from the people area in your account
Use members for people in your business or who you work closely with.


  • Will only show to other users on the sharing panel of the plans they have been given access too
  • Cannot see the organisation people page
  • Can only see other people on the plans they have edit access to
Use guests for limited access to third parties who only need a very limited view of your account.

Removing someone from your plan

After you have invited someone, at any point you can press the cross icon to the right of their email address inside the sharing panel where you invited them.

You'll be asked to confirm this action first and once confirmed this person will be immediately removed from the list and the plan will disappear from their Organisation's area in their Organisation dropdown.

In addition, if they try to access your plan from the direct web link, they will be denied access and redirected to their account area. 

Please note, this will only remove that person from the plan you are in. If that user has access to multiple plans you will have to complete this action for every plan they have been invited to in order to completely remove them. If they are removed from all plans you have given them access to, your Organisation will cease to appear in their Organisation dropdown.

Removing Organisation Members
Removing Guests
Plans shared with you by other people
  • If someone has completed the steps described at the top to share a plan with you, you'll receive an email and the plan will appear under their Organisation name in your Plans area.
  • Plans that have been shared with you will display the email address of the plan owner on the tile to set them apart. 
  • If you no longer want access to the plan, you can remove it by pressing the cog icon on the plan tile and clicking 'Remove'. You'll need to confirm this decision first. Once confirmed it will immediately be removed from that Organisation's Plans area and you will need to ask the plan owner for access again if you need it. Note, this action will never delete the plan. Only the plan owner can do that.

Tip: if you can't see a plan you are expecting to have access to, check you are viewing the right organisation, all organisations or plans shared with me. On the Plans page you can see which organisation you are viewing through the dropdown at the top of the screen

Keeping track of changes by different people

Every change in your plan is recorded in the Version History which can be accessed by the button to the right of the sharing button in the top menu. Each change has a time, date and the email address of the person who made the change so you can see what everyone has been up to.