Income Component

Your sales forecasts are entered into income components. Each income component could represent a type of product or service you sell. If you have a lot of products or services, you may want to consider consolidating them down into one component.

Setup Options

At the top are two options you can toggle between: Income or Income per unit


This option lets you enter your income forecast for each period for this product or service. It's particularly useful if you need to combine the sales of multiple products where you can't set the price for each product individually. 

Income per unit
This option allows you to enter the individual unit price and how many products you are expecting to sell per unit. 

This option is also useful if you are modelling a service based business. You can enter your price per hour into unit price and the numbers of hours worked into unit volume.

By clicking enter in the table within the unit price section, you will be presented with a table that allows you to enter in numbers manually.

Using this table allows you to vary the amount of products you sell.  

For instance, if you receive income three times per year then you can enter this data manually and copy and paste the pattern in the rest of the table.

Payment terms
This dropdown controls your cash terms. If you receive the money for an order later then you can set this up here. This will mean the revenue is recognised immediately on your profit & loss report but the actual cash will be delayed on your cash flow report.

Add cost of sales or inventory
You can add linked cost of sales or inventory components.

Turn on tax
By turning on tax, you will apply tax to the income generated by this component. To find out more about the tax options available in Brixx, view our VAT guide. 

Starting a sales forecast later into your plan
By default, all components start on the date your plan starts. To start your income forecast later on, use the timeline feature.