Guide to the plan interface

  1. Settings - Customise general settings, financial settings and the opening balance.
  2. Dashboard - The default view displaying the Brixx charts, visible in the screenshot.
  3. Reports - A report view, with the option of switching between the many available reports.
  4. Timeline - Make quick changes to the start and end dates for activities in your plan.
  5. Actuals - Populate your plan with actual figures, to compare with your forecast, and manage your cash flow.
  6. Plan name - Displayed at the top of the plan, you can change this in settings.
  7. Component counter - Track the number of components used in the plan.
  8. Sharing - Provide view or edit access to your plan to other people.
  9. Downloads - Export charts and reports into different file types
  10. Version history - See all changes to your plan and restore to earlier versions.
  11. Help area - Leads to the support page with guides and videos
  12. Account dropdown - Access other plans, go to your account area, visit the support portal, and sign out of your account.
  13. Section panel - Shows a list of your sections. Sections are folders that hold large parts of your plan.
  14. Groups panel - Shows the contents of the section you have open. It consists of groups of components.
  15. Right panel (currently showing dashboard) - Your dashboard, reports and timeline will appear on the right depending on which menu option you have selected. It's also where you can edit component data.