Change financial year end

When a plan is created you can select a financial year end. By default this is the 12th month from the plan's start date.

The financial year end you select can be changed once the plan has been created. To change the financial year end go to Settings/General Settings:

  1. Under Financial year end select the month that you wish to make your financial year end.
  2. Click Save to confirm the change to financial year end, or Cancel if you do not want to change it.

A business's financial year end determines what counts as a 'year' in the business's financial reports. This means that when your Reports are set to display Yearly values each year will display figures for the period of time between the start of the financial year and the end of the financial year. By default the Year End is set to be 12 months after the start of the plan, so a plan starting in April would have its Financial Year End in March.