How to enter actual (historical) data

You can enter actual data into Brixx manually, or have it imported automatically by connecting to Xero.

In the plan top menu, go to the Actuals section.

The actuals page is split into 3 further tabs - Cash flow data entry, Profit & Loss data entry & Balance sheet data entry.

To get the benefits of actuals vs forecast, you don't have to enter your data into all the tabs. Depending on what reports you want to compare, you need only fill out that tab.

As you select the desired tab, you'll see a date range selector at the top of the page. Data entry is split into 6 month periods.

Each data entry tab is split down by the report account and then by component.

The report accounts are the large underlined headings - they are exactly what you see on your forecast reports.

Components from your that report numbers to that account are then displayed underneath. Finally, you'll see the section and group that the component is part of in lighter coloured text underneath the component name.

Data entry

Every cell will show a light grey value initially - this is the value you forecasted in your plan and is identical to what you see on your forecast statements.

If you double click a cell, this forecast value will automatically appear as a selected number. You can either press 'Enter' (moves down the column) or 'Tab' (moves across the row) to accept this value and go to the next cell. If you click off without making a change, it will revert to no value.

Of course, you can also simply type over to replace this value completely. Having the default actual value be your forecast is useful when it comes to fixed costs that are likely the same each month.

Copy and paste from a spreadsheet

You can also copy and paste data from a spreadsheet or similar data source. Select a column from a spreadsheet, copy it, then place the cursor in the first equivalent cell in Brixx and press the paste keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V).

Once you have entered your actuals,  you can analyse the results in the Actuals vs Forecast report.