Actuals to Date Reports

The Actuals to Date reports are designed to show a period of actuals followed by forecast columns influenced by values from the actual columns. The aim is to provide a 'rolling forecast', letting you see year-to-date actual values followed by a forecast.

You can see Actuals to Date reports by using the dropdown shown here at the top of each report:

How do the reports work?

There are two types of calculation the report makes:

1. Cumulative lines, such as Closing Bank Position and most Balance Sheet lines will adjust figures in future months based on figures in the last actual month. For example, this ensures having an up-to-date Cash position based on actuals that carries forward into the forecast.

2. VAT/Sales Tax and GST calculations, and Corporation Tax calculations take into account data from a number of months (for example the amount of tax owed based on sales activities in a quarter), and then use this information to automatically forecast the amount of tax that is paid.

There are two ways of entering actual information in Brixx. Either manually, or through an automatic connection to Xero.


For Xero-connected plans:

Brixx Cash Flow and Balance Sheet reports can display incorrect forecast figures if tax payments are delayed in Xero

If any VAT/Sales Tax/GST is paid after the month in which it is due, Xero puts this amount into its Accounts Payable account, without labelling this separately as a delayed tax payment.

This means that for Xero plans, if there are late tax payments, we are not currently able to recognise these separately from Accounts Payable and include them in our tax calculations. The result is the report will assume that tax has not been paid, and will present figures as if this were the case, making the reforecast of the tax lines on the Cash Flow and Balance Sheet incorrect.

For standalone Brixx plans (no Xero connection):

You need to enter tax liabilities to correctly calculate your Cash Flow tax forecast

We've added 3 lines to the manual Cash Flow actuals data entry form. These are Balance Sheet accounts for tax assets and liabilities. We use these values to determine how much tax should be paid in the forecast.

For all Brixx plans:

Equity set to a yearly % dividend does not take into account actual profits generated in each financial year. 

These calculations do not yet take actual profits into account, only forecast values. As a result, yearly % of profit dividend calculations do not yet calculate based on actual profit values.