Breakeven Chart

The Breakeven Chart shows the business' cumulative income and cumulative running costs. When cumulative income rises over cumulative running costs, the chart displays a 'Breakeven Point' - the month in which breakeven occurs and the amount of cumulative incoming cash required to breakeven.

Like many other charts in the Dashboard, the Breakeven chart is cash based, rather than revenue based. This means the data here is based on your Cash Flow report information, including any delays you have set to the receipt of cash.

Many Breakeven charts use units as a measure of sales. As Brixx Income components can use an 'amount per unit' or just an income amount, we have chosen an amount, rather than a number of units sold as our breakeven metric.

Cumulative Income

This green line is the cash produced during the course of the plan by Income and Subscription components, as well as any opening Accounts Receivable, or Other Assets entered in the Opening Balance.

Cumulative Operating Costs (Overheads)

This red shaded area is cash spent on operating activities - the output of the following calculations:

  • Operational Costs
  • Employees
  • Equity (dividend payments)
  • Loans (interest and capital repayments)

Cumulative Total Costs

The dark red line shows the total running costs in the plan - which includes the costs listed above, and any Cost of Sales of Inventory payments.