Opening Balance

In Brixx, the Opening Balance is used to record and measure the assets, liabilities and equity that make up the starting conditions of the plan.

The Opening Balance is essentially a snapshot of your balance sheet just before the date your plan begins. 

The balance sheet report in Brixx is calculated by items in your plan and balances automatically. 

However, since the opening balance begins before your plan starts, it needs to be set manually. 

The Opening Balance is accessed from within your plan, by going to Setting→Opening Balance

You'll need to ensure that Assets - Liabilities = Equity are balanced yourself, and there is a balance sheet check at the top to aid you in this process.

This is calculated based on the data added to the opening balance which is displayed below:


There are two types of entries:

  1. Directly editable rows (pencil icons)
  2. Indirectly editable rows (magnifying glass icon)

The editable entries can be changed directly on this page, by clicking the pencil icon.

The indirectly editable entries are set in different places in your plan. These have a magnifying glass icon next to them which, when clicked, gives you information about where the data is coming from.