How to build your first Brixx plan

This article explains how to create your first plan within Brixx. We have three main steps to help with the process:

  1. Create a plan and then divide into sections. 
  2. Create groups of financial components in each section. 
  3. Enter your business numbers into each component.

Note: If you started with a Business Plan Template, you will have predetermined sections, groups, and components.


1. Divide up the plan with sections

Upon creating your plan, you need to add sections by selecting ‘+ADD SECTION’.

These sections need to relate to your business and will help to make your plan easy to navigate and understand. You should create sections for your sales and costs.

Take a look at this hairdresser shop example:

You can further split Sections down into Groups for more granular detail. You can add, delete, or edit anything you want as you go.


2. Create groups of financial components

Start by adding business activities to the sections you have made. Choose a section and click ‘+ADD GROUP’.

After you have added and named a Group you can click the COMPONENTS button to start adding your financial activities.

This dashboard contains a library of template building blocks. Each component fulfils a different financial task. Clicking one will add it to the current group.

When you click a component, it will add it to the group and give you the option to name it.

3. Enter your business numbers into each component

Now we are ready to add some numbers. Click on the name of any component to open a data panel.

When you open a component it will display the template for that component type. An income component will have different options to a cost or asset component.

If you want to enter your own data into each period, click Show as table.

You can go through every component in this way. As you do, each component will update numbers to your outputs. You can build up your entire plan this way and go back in to make changes to any component if you want to tweak and experiment.