How to organise my business plan

Within Brixx, to organise your business plan means to order your financial activities into sections and groups. 

This structuring allows you to categorise your plan based on any number of factors, including region, product type, and more. This is useful in highlighting key aspects of your plan based on specific current requirements.

To best organise your business plan, we recommend dragging and dropping components into your created sections and groups and reviewing the different outputs for your business. By generating ‘what-if’ scenarios, you will have the data required for ultimate control.

This will show you key aspects of your business plan

  • View totals of groups and sections in your reports
  • Drag and drop large parts of your plan at once on the timeline
  • Automatically calculate inventory requirements or cost of sales for entire groups at once
  • Focus on numbers for specific groups or sections on your dashboard
  • Test an idea by turning on/off whole sections or groups.