What is a Brixx plan and what can I do with one?

A Brixx plan is a financial model of your business. You can model your entire company, or just one department, in one plan.

Every plan has a start date, an end date, and other settings that affect it. The plan also contains reports and charts which are automatically created as you build and modify your plan. 

Where are my plans stored?

You can find your plans in your Account area on the Plans tab. You need to be signed in to see your Account area.


How many plans can I have?
The maximum number of plans you can have depends on your subscription tier. Please see the Brixx pricing page for more information.


How can I create a new plan?
If you have not reached the maximum number of plans allowed, you can create a new plan from your Account.


Can I delete or copy plans?
Yes. You can copy, delete or move your plans.

Can I send someone my plan?
You can’t send a Brixx plan to someone, but you can make it available to others online.