Using the Timeline

Every item in a Brixx plan runs on a timeline. The start and end dates of a component determine when it will post its figures to the Dashboard and Reports. Adjusting the timeline will allow you to test how changes to the timing of any financial activity will affect your business.

This is where organising your plan into groups is very useful because groups allow you to move entire chunks of your plan in time all at once.

Click 'Timeline' in the top menu to access this area.


How to make changes to the timeline

There are three ways you can make changes on the Timeline.

1. Shorten or extend the Timeline row

Each timeline bar has handles at the start and end which can be dragged. Dragging these handles shortens or extends the timeline bar.

2. Drag the whole Timeline row

Dragging a timeline bar from the middle of the bar will change the start date but keep the duration of the bar the same. 

3. Select the dates you want from the Calendar

To adjust dates without having to drag the timeline bars, click on the calendar symbol to the right of the timeline bar to edit its start and end dates. Remember to Save any changes you make.


My Bike Shop business plan starts in January, and I want to start selling a new range of bike accessories in April. I make an Income component and rename it New Bike Accessories. By default, this component starts at the start of the plan, in January. By dragging the start of the component to April in the Timeline, I set the income I receive from New Bike Accessories to start in April.


Using groups on the timeline
If you change the start or end dates of a Group, Components within that Group may have their start and end dates adjusted as well, depending on the changes you make. Components can never start before their Group, or end after their Group. If you make a Group shorter than the Components it contains, the Components will shorten to match the Group's dates.

Important! When making changes to a group, it will always try to keep the component dates position relative to each other.


Let's say you have a group starting in January. Inside you have 3 components starting in February, March and April. If you move the Group timeline up one month to February the other 3 components will all move up a month as well. Now they will be starting in March, April and May.